Экологичность продукции

Вся мебель компании «Пинскдрев» имеет международные cертификаты подтверждающие ее безопасность.

Большой ассортимент

Широчайший выбор мягкой и корпусной мебели в различных стилистических направлениях от классики до модерна.

цена - качество

Множество вариантов от экономичных моделей до мебели класса люкс высочайшего качества.

Доставка по всей Беларуси

Оперативная доставка в удобное для Вас время точно в срок с оплатой товара наличными.

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Встреча партнеров в рамках Домашней выставки состоялась

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20 March 2018

По поводу распространения в сети Интернет негативной информации о ЗАО «Холдинговая компания «Пинскдрев»

К созданию и распространению видеозаписи, на которой четыре человека в масках делают заявление о неудовлетворительных условиях труда на предприятиях холдинга «Пинскдрев» и призывают граждан не покупать мебель производства «Пинскдрев», причастны неустановленные лица.

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20 March 2018

Выставка мебельных новинок пройдет в Пинске

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15 March 2018

«Вниманию акционеров ЗАО «Холдинговая компания «Пинскдрев»!

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07 March 2018

CJSC "Holding Company "Pinskdrev" has been working for more than 135 years in the furniture production. The company is a leader in the furniture market and is one of the oldest companies of woodworking industry. For such a long period of activity enormous experience has been accumulated in this hard business, thanks to which "Pinskdrev" offers buyers high-quality, durable and reliable furniture made of natural materials.

The main direction of the Holding is the production and selling of upholstered furniture, cabinet furniture and mattresses. All these categories are distinguished by a wide range of products, which can only be envies. All the furniture is distinguished by its quality, beauty and style thanks to the use of the best materials that have passed strict verification, the European accessories of Germany, Poland, Spain and Russia. A significant role in the quality and durability of produced products is played by modern production technologies.


As noted above, the company has quite a wide product range. Cabinet furniture of "Pinskdrev" is presented in 17 categories, starting from furniture programs (whole collections, with a help of which you can equip the whole house or apartment in the same style), and ending with small coffee tables. Besides coffee tables on the official site of the company, there are also dining, kitchen and computer desks in different dyeing and from different materials of manufacture. Stylish and ergonomic cabinets-showcases - cabinets with a glazed front door are carried out in separate section. In such cases it is very practical and convenient to store photographs, memorabilia, books or dishes. They are protected from direct sunlight and dust. It ought to be remarked separately the programs of furniture. All of them consist of many modules in a single style. Thanks to this, you can compose any set, focusing on the necessary pieces of furniture or on the price.
All the cabinet furniture of the company is made from a variety of materials, but all of them have been thoroughly tested and qualitatively processed. The main material of manufacture is solid natural wood, which is distinguished by its nobility, durability and ecological properties. In addition, the solid wood is extraordinarily beautiful and even old-fashioned in a special way, without losing its original appearance.


Furniture of “Pinskdrev”

Upholstered furniture of “Pinskdrev” is not inferior to its cabinet furniture as it regards availability of items of furniture. In the on-line catalogue of “Pinskdrev” there are displayed angular sofas, three and two seater sofas, and ergonomic models of ottomans and armchairs which are well suited to home interior or interior of an office, small banquettes, made-up sets of upholstered furniture as well as Royal Collection furniture – royal Italian furniture. Leather sofas are a particular pride of the company. Such furniture is always of current interest. Leather has an inimitable texture and softness; it can be cleaned easily and does not require a complicated care. Leather sofas have been and will always be at the height of popularity demonstrating a true taste and sense of style of the owner.

By a separate category there are represented new collections of upholstered furniture – «Liberty Vision» and «Classic never dates». These two collections are being manufactured for a comparatively short period, but they have had time to gain clients’ affection. Two collections, two opposites – classic and modern, but they have in common Italian and Belgian fabrics, solid frame made of wood and the best filling materials (synthetic beads, elastic foamed polyurethane, spring unit).

The internet-shop of the manufacturer offers wide variety of different collections and modules which can be watched and bought without leaving the house. Many a man does not understand how can it be possible to buy furniture at an internet-shop where there is no possibility to see the model in reality, touch it or sit down. It’s all very simple! In the section “Catalogue of furniture” there are presented hundreds of product briefs where there are described in detail all the technical characteristics of furniture, are given measurements, video-reviews, photography portfolio and new 3-D models.

For those more conservative customers, which got accustomed to query the selling assistant about properties of the furniture being purchased, we propose to obtain a free on-line professional advice or order a free call-back of a manager.